Smile Gallery

Here at Advanced Dental P.C., we are proud to offer many treatments to make sure that all of our patients have smiles of which they can be proud.

We are able to treat problems such as overcrowding and missing teeth. Our dentists can help patients whose teeth are not spaced correctly. We can address both overbites and underbites, even when they are really pronounced. We have helped patients who suffer from overjet, or the protrusion of the front teeth.

We even offer non-braces treatments for patients who are not interested or able to get braces and for cases when braces aren’t needed.

Be sure to look at our before-and-after pictures to see how we have helped improve people’s smiles and get an idea of how we can improve your smile.

Click Here for our Before and After Library.

If you have any questions about payments or the financing that is available, feel free to contact us today at (716) 297-1711.

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